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Shijiazhuang Reanod internet Technology Co.,Ltd. was established by foreign trade staff

Shijiazhuang Reanod internet Technology Co.,Ltd. is a new modern enterprise specialized in production and sales of cable testing equipment and production equipment. It has a R&D team composed of senior engineers, engineers and technicians, and has applied for and obtained national patents for some products, giving new vitality to its sustainable development. The Company remains dedicated to providing Chinese enterprises in wire and cable industry with wire and cable testing equipment, mainly including UV-light irradiation cross-linking equipment, wire and cable load tester, power frequency AC voltage tester, power frequency EDM, heat aging test chamber, electric bridge, insulation resistance tester, thermostatic waterbath, projector, electronic tensile testing machine, wire and cable chipping machine, cross-linked cable chipping machine, sheet-punching machine, wire coiling and winding and torsional machine, electronic scale, density balance, fire-resistant and flame retardant testing device, cryogenic box, low-temperature stretching, winding and impact device, which can meet the process inspection needs for products covered in CCC/MA/production license.

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